Saturday, October 11, 2008

"Idol 2 Idle" Song debut

TheSongDiary : Volume 2

This is a new series that will feature brand new songs as I complete them for my upcoming (and often delayed ) "Programmed Response"

Programmed Response First Edition

Toady's New Track:

"Idol 2 Idle"

This song was originally recorded back in 2005 in its basic instrumental form , and went through several title changes before finally resting at "Idol 2 Idle" as its final. Originally entitled "Islamabad" and was to be centered around my view on America's war on terrorism in Afghanistan, and the correlation to the poppy seed industry in that country that fuels multi-billion dollar heroine trade in the West. I couldn't effectively find the right form of pliable expression that I wanted, and in early 2006 I came across an article about the formation of Israel by the first Prime minister, David Ben-Gurion in The Nation magazine. This inspired the lyrics first eight bars, and are directly related to the history of the region.

I have always found it incredible the hypocrisy of organized religion and the sanctioning of violence and historical manipulation it uses to control others while furthering its own political and monetary capital for the sake of 'God'. I have always searched for a way to convey my disgust and disdain in such a way that I could say many things using allusions and phrases containing double-meaning. This song was an on-again, off-again attempt at doing just this, and a strange 2 1/2 year odyssey in that regard. irrespective of whatever may result, I am pretty fucking proud of it. the song was completed on October 8th 2008.

The Music: The 'bones' of the track were directly inspired by a Pete Rock/9th Wonder produced track from their seminal 2005 collaboration called "Class In Session". Rather than put through a loop sample of my own, I deconstructed what they did, and reconstructed using organic instrumentation such as acoustic guitars, piano and a live drum track which were put in place, plus a reconstructed key signature. When a friend of mine first listened to the demo back in the summer of 2005, he aptly named it the "Hill Street Blues " track ( after a 1980's television show theme song), which has a similar sound. Extra percussion fills and staccatos and further filtering and arrangement were added during August-September of this year.

The lyrics : a conglomerate of historical references to Israel, World War II, and the victims of the Exodus , a group of eastern-European Jewish refugees who fled Germany after of the Fall of the Nazis whom escaped the concentration camps and were originally bound for New York, but through diplomatic manipulation by Prime Minister Ben-Gurion of the Truman Administration in 1946 was able to keep the Exodus out to sea for seven months, and eventually had them disembark in the port of Haifa to be personally solicited by Ben-Gurion to fight against the Arab incursion in the name of Israel itself.

The problem : the refugees themselves were never asked what they wanted in this 'fight', and the native Arabs were never asked for their input about this new State; this 'New Centre of All World Jewry.' The second half of the lyrics is an all-out assault on all three groups involved in the Middle East mess: The Western Christians, the Jews, and the Muslims. There is an admitted empathy towards the Palestinians, however, as it seems they are ultimately the victim of 'Big Brother American' and Israel: both of whom are economic and military superpowers, While Palestine is more underdeveloped and poor. It seems to reek of bullying the brown man; the 'lesser' one...

Enjoy!.. and *ponder*

And, as always, all lyrics, vocals and instruments are written and performed performed by myself..

Did anybody ask the Arabs exactly what they wanted
Before they smothered Palestine in the Summer of '47?
Why didn't David have the courtesy to send the eviction notice
Before turning Gaza and The West Bank into his bathroom floor?

Wasn't enough to screw the survivors of Hitler's 'Master Plan', leave
the Exodus hanging out to sea for all of seven months.
Whoring out the martyrdom for Truman to take the bait..

A 'Holy' epicenter for all the suffragettes all assembled for a new
Israeli state..

(Main Chorus)
Idol 2 Idle
Car bombs to coffee shops
desecrating mosques and synagogues
F-14s and Hamas

Idol 2 Idle
Jesus and body parts
all cut and blown to bits
And crimson-colored be the head of Muhammad
Shot 2 shit

In the center of this GodRape
Like flowers trampled underfoot
Menorah pre-eminent domain
While the crescent of a lesser prophet
Has no say

It's a blank space to a blank check
Big Brother American
Got to take up for their Jewish brothers
While making blood in the sand

You know it's quite alright to just go ahead and take all their lives
Their 'God' is Mud for he lacks money, and the big blue eyes
And praise Our 'God', and shoot the Devil, cos Allah is a Myth (yeah!)
Stab and shoot and kill each other in the name of stones and sticks..
And Praise The Lord and Pass the Pistol; Christian Armies march
Strap the bomb right to the child and blow him through the Stars

(Main Chorus)
Idol 2 Idle
Car bombs to coffee shops
desecrating mosques and synagogues
F-14s and Hamas

Idol 2 Idle
Jesus and body parts
all cut and blown to bits
And crimson-colored be the head of Muhammad
..The head of Muhammad

It's all about your God.....It's all about your flag (x4)

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