Thursday, July 17, 2008

"All Is Love" Song Debut

TheSongDiary : Volume 1

This is a new series that will feature brand new songs as I complete them for my upcoming (and often delayed ) "Programmed Response"

Programmed Response First Edition

Todays New Track:

"All Is Love"

The dynamic in composing and songwriting is that it can come lightening fast, or can need some incubation time until the proper inspiration is found to give the song the proper vision and context it deserves. This song was a bit bit of a bastard in that I had elected to commit to transitioning in the mid-bridge in a completely different (but relevant) key signature. This coupled with the fact that the main guitar is electric-acoustic, and the second guitar was electric, both being at completely different tones altogether. It was originally put together in March 2007, but just completed with vocals on July 17th 2008.

The Music: The tonal shift/sound variation I actually liked, but I ended being rather put off about how tricky it was going to be to cumulatively get it cohesive enough to make it a complete song with vocals. If you listen closely, you can here the closing guitar at the last third of the song losing intonation slightly. rather than correct in the original recording, I decided to leave it instead, as I like the character of a 'build up' that inhabited with this anomaly. Electric guitars. many of which, do not retain their tuning very well, especially when the whammy bar is consistently applied...

The lyrics : my take on what it means to live in the superficial and perpetual singledom of Hollywood. There is a conglomerate of misery in this town that dwells among those who are trying to run with the hipsters and make their mark in entertainment. In doing so, they fail to recognize the importance of placing human intimacy ahead of attempting to 'keep up' with the glamorous lifestyle.

Years pass, and being perputually single has become its own inprisonment. The inability to not only acheive the dream of stradom but also having a genuine sense of true campanionship leaves nothing left but the bitterness and deprevity of the self-subjection to the material world. The very thing that was hungered for has consumed and devoured them, leaving nothing left to show but an acute sense of 'sour grapes' at those who have found love, while they themselves have only found it through the conditional dynamic of pet ownership and selfishness. Enjoy!

And, as always, all lyrics, vocals and instruments are written and performed performed by myself..

All is Love
Hide behind veneers and wasted years
And Times; and lines of empty voices
Filling Empty Rooms

All is fine-
An Easy smile, the madness of solitude
Break lights on a chance that you have
Set Ablaze

All is Love
closer to the Dog , than to your Neighbor
And Favor, what you can scold that has no Voice
To talk back...

And hatred's like a noisy anger
That burns the House inside your Head
No tears with eyes wide and dry..
So just fight and die instead..(X2)

..All is love;
Party favors wet with flesh
Dissolve in the morning haze..
What tasted like Fire, Now is Dead
In Your Gaze...

And Hatred's like an orphans' blanket
That wraps the cold inside your Head
No tears with eyes burned and fried..
You've earned the right to be Dead

..(And)All (that) Is Love, Has Died...(Repeat Until Fade, With Ad Lib)

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