Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Song: People Not Gathered-'Into The Empty




                          Into The Empty
                                                               (A Neo-Classical Interpretation on the Effects of Modern Corruption)
                  Lyrics, Music &; Production by K. Shoen. Released by ShoEnTeL Publishing
                                                                  ©2013 ShoEnTeL Music

Into the Empty                                                                    
In lights of Dark Amber
A battle’s concluded           
 No sentence commuted.
 Plucked from our station
 In extrapolation
 Discarded like refuse
To rot in displacement

            And all I see—
             Is the edge of all the blocked-out lights.
            No choice but to be
            An aging dog harassed into fights

Southbound and wayward
Afforded no favor
By street lamp we camp near,
As cash turns to vapor
We stand as pariahs
By corporate messiahs
Those gilded in stature
Just keep making paper…
            And all I see—
             Is the edge of all the blocked-out lights.
            No choice but to be
            The hungry dog growling at the night.
Rainwater’s leaking
Through holes in the ceiling
 Like cracks through the center of my dreams
So tired and wasted
Claustrophobic & Anxious
The Beast of This Burden: the Guilt is the Anchor
And Fear like a Sickness, contagious and impish
Judgment is passed by those who did not witness..

            And all I see—
             Is the edge of all the blocked-out lights.
            What Am I to Be
            Like A Dog bound and chained to the Blight?—

MeMo To A. : The Rap

Blood’s curdlin’ thick like on methadone
Busted out, shut down all when the struggle’s on
Slammin’ Doors, rollin’ eyes while U criticize
Raised U Like a Father, but now don’t sympathize
Long enough just 2 give us 1 hour
A hot meal, some support , and a simple shower
For all the speeches, the rants, & the banter
Sleepin’ street-side while U work on your cantor..
Preachin’ standards, and nothing of substance
Your brotha and your sista; they reap all the punishment,
And really, while U wanna act so straight-laced
All U bring to your siblings is a Punch 2 the Face

(The Presidential Break)

My Darling I Love You
All I Have is this Lean-to
This board upon Wheels as our home
For years you’ve depended
On me, your Lieutenant to defend & protect all our own
        And Why,
To stand in the presence of my precious descendants
 (With) this wreckage so high, I shake just to look
 In their Eyes —

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