Thursday, September 27, 2007

P.N.G.The Music & The Bio

A One Man Arsenal:

The Case FOR "Genre Scizophrenia"

When asked two years ago by a friend in Hollywood why he changed his name to three letters..and why he dosen’t use his face to adorn the cover of his C.D., P.N.G. responded, “ Because it’s not about who I am in the physical. It’s about the music. Let the music define who I am. Let music be my identity. It’s all they need to ‘see’”.

‘The music’ has become the location for experimentalism and creating material that sounds unlike anything else, both lyrically reflective of the times we live in as well as having a perceptive and expressive style that is deep, real, and based on these experiences. Since the age of 15, P.N.G. has been more focused on strong content and meaningful conveyance through concepts, both concrete and abstract. Having been influenced by the likes of Pink Floyd, Prince, KRS-1, and Funkadelic. Having begun his odyssey as a freestyle rapper, he decided to be his own ‘band’..learning four instruments, developing vocals, and later acquiring an audio engineering background. Over time, PNG became fearless to tackle subjects considered too controversial and sacred to lend an opinion.

P.N.G.s 2006 debut EP "The Darkest August: Life inside The Myst" questioned the current American cultural derision using Hurricane Katrina and 9/11 as the backdrop for its concept, digging further down into the questions of our own humanity as the most affluent nation on the planet. The racism, the violence, the ignorance; this "myst" he perceived that we are ALL responsible for creating and fostering as a nation: it asks more questions than it answers.

Having received good reviews for the EP, but unable to obtain exposure for the six-song EP on a grander scale, P.N.G. decided to establish his own label, ShoEnTeL Music which debuted in June 2007, and begin production on Programmed Response”, a much more well-rounded and genre-diverse album than the previous. “I Am The Air”, a very direct, classic rock-sounding tune is currently complete. The song embodies a catharsis between what is “elevation” in the material world as opposed to what it means in the spiritual. “Farewell 2 My Nation”, a politically-driven rap track about current controversies, takes a stab at a more sarcastic view of them, yet being very informative at the same time. What the legendary KRS-1 used to call “Edu-Tainment”.

The goal is not just to offer another tired indie product, but sound that truly embraces all genres and styles, beyond hype and commercialism. P.N.G….It’s about the music. It’s about time. “Programmed Response” is due Spring 2008.

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